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Major Banking Group

Enhancing client and customer experience


Vital instigated a number face-to-face fact-finding session across the country with key stakeholders, and workshopped creative concepts with the Studio team before showcasing our initial thoughts and interpretations in further face-to-face meetings.
Concepts were pitched at a series of three roadshows across the UK, demonstrating the proposed solution and taking the stakeholders on the creative journey, using both digital and physical media, including product mock-ups and video, bringing the concepts to life.
Vital proposed a solution during a competitive bid process with all incumbents on the current agency roster. The attention to detail and brand familiarity shown by the Studio set Vital apart, demonstrating our ability to be innovative, creative and forward-thinking. We ran numerous stakeholder engagement sessions, to ensure early buy-in to the concept designs.
From the three concepts presented, the project stakeholders selected the option of a tri-fold wallet housing the three categories of terms and conditions for each service and/or product.
Working with the chosen concept, Vital then created a suite of products that consisted of Part 1 and Part 3 documents (generic terms and conditions to remove the need for repetitive content throughout each document), and various Part 2 documents (specific terms and conditions relating to the service and/or product purchased by the customer). These documents are housed in the tri-fold wallet, which has the capacity to house up to five different specific Part 2 documents. Each customer averages 3-5 products/services in a single account. Providing the folder only once, meant the bank avoids repetition, and the customer can add the new specific documents to this folder as and when different products or services are purchased. This new suite has taken the terms and conditions from over 260 documents to just 46.


Vital have partnered with this major banking group for over 20 years. We have worked closely with them in the delivery of numerous business-critical projects as well as providing a wide range of core services managed through our end-to-end supply chain.
It was identified that one of the bank’s divisions had in excess of 260 different terms and conditions documents across their range of products and services, which added no value to the customer experience, and looked outdated and lacked visual engagement.
The brief was to develop a concept for a new suite of terms and conditions, with a fresh and vibrant look and feel, whilst remaining in keeping with the banking division’s tone of voice. The vision was to reduce the number of terms and conditions currently produced and condense this into three main categories which could be housed together to complete a suite; this would reduce the need to reproduce every single product with regulatory or other change requirements, adapting and producing only the volume/s that were affected. “Customer experience” was to be at the forefront of any concept. The final product needed to be cost-efficient, and the concepts needed to take into account our client’s budget for the project.

The challenge

The brief required Vital to take a very basic operational print item, with large volumes of text, subject to regular changes/updates and create an approach that enhanced the look and feel. It needed to be made visually appealing to the end user without elevating the format and keeping within the guidelines for that tiered product, whilst considering print costs and reducing the overall number of documents in scope. Moreover, the original brief was very limited, and evolved many times over the duration of the project. A significant number of stakeholders were involved, who needed to be engaged and their diverse requirements taken into account.Vital challenged the original brief, and pushed the boundaries of the existing brand guidelines through the use of the secondary colour palette, to create a concept which worked within the required parameters whilst being visually engaging.
The tone of voice was enhanced by the use of appropriate images and infographics. This resulted in a new sub brand where we developed an interim set of brand guidelines.
To consider costs around production but to enable the bank to offer both a digital and printed option, Vital proposed developing the suite into a workable and downloadable solution. We created a flip book version to enable staff to showcase the documents, so focusing on “customer experience”, and at the same time offering a downloadable PDF version so staff could print off locally or download documents to email to their customers. The documents can also be loaded onto the external web site and on their internal library.

The result

Vital created a brand new suite of products that provides differentiation in its message to banking customers, enhancing the experience and ensuring customers can engage with the bank’s brand. This new fresh and innovative suite of products will be used as the foundation for banking documents going forward.
Vital has delivered a workable solution to meet both print and digital demands in the most efficient and effective way and, for the first time ever, has pushed the boundaries of what is possible within tight parameters of what is “allowed” around brand and tone of voice, reducing cost and driving innovation around the transition to digital.
The new suite of documents puts the customer first whilst keeping the product simple and at the same time makes a real difference in line with the bank’s vision and values.
Vital managed the complete end-to-end process from initial concept through to delivery of the finished product.

Fresh approach to style
from over 260 documents to just 46
Enhancing client and customer experience

Vital Communications are innovative, fresh and highly professional with the Bank’s total satisfaction being their number one priority